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    Lodestar Award Finalists & Winners Reading List

    What is the Lodestar Award? The Lodestar Award is a relatively newer award established in 2018 by the World Science Fiction Society, the same people who do the Hugo Awards for scifi/fantasy media. It’s presented alongside the Hugo every year at the World Science Fiction Convention, usually in the fall. What is this reading list? Award lists are great to use as a starting point for exploring a specific genre or subset of books, especially if you aren’t familiar with what’s out there and aren’t sure where to start. Since each book nominated was published within the year, it’s also a great way to keep up with what’s new on…

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    2019 Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book | Scifi & Fantasy Finalists

    The 2019 Hugo Award nominees were announced earlier this week, as well as the Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book! The Hugo Awards are a set of yearly literary awards for the best science fiction or fantasy books and related works (like movies!). The winners are announced each year at a huge convention called Worldcon— this year it’s in Dublin– and the same committee also announces the Lodestar. Confusingly, the Lodestar award itself is not a Hugo award. It’s just the same people who nominate, vote, and announce the winners as the Hugos. Anyway. It’s a new award, just starting last year! Reading books from an awards list is…